Young rock band members strive for success as they face many challenges of their personal lives.

The series is written, starred and directed by Bernardo, entered the Globoplay catalog in early 2020. The story follows the trajectory of the band Coelho Branco in the first steps towards professionalization. The five members, fight for space in the music scene, but they also need to go on with their lives, facing emotional, financial, family and egos wars in a long journey in search of success.



Frederico Cardoso e Bernardo Barreto

Lead Cast:

Bernardo Barreto, Pedro Coelho, André Coelho, André Pfefer, Pedro Gracindo, Cesar Cardadeiro, Joana Lerner, Divana Brandão, Ana Terra Blanco.


Bernardo Barreto, Caio Soh


Monique Cruz


Drama, Musical