After four years living in an alternative community, Isabela returns to her home and faces the shock between different perceptions of life in society.

“The Seeker” was directed, scripted and co-produced by Bernardo Barreto, and earned, in 2019, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival´s Jury Prize. Filmed in Brazil, the movie tells the story of Isabela (Mariana Molina), daughter of a powerful politician who grew up surrounded by luxury. However, when she falls in love with the leader of a sustainable community that preaches free love, she leaves her comfortable life behind. Four years later, when trying to reconnect with her family, she finds out that her father is involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Brazil. Therefore, Isabela has to face the ghosts of her past.



Bernardo Barreto

Lead Cast:

Pierre Santos, Mariana Molina, Debora Duboc


Bernardo Barreto, Martín Preusche, Luis E. Langlemey, Andrés Gelós


Berny Filmes