A Brazilian man saddled with a six-year-old boy scours the underbelly of New York City trying to find the missing mother.

Written and starred by Bernardo, and directed by Heitor Dhalia the film narrates the saga of Jonathan, a Brazilian events promoter. He is released from prison after 7 years of confinement and strives for a second chance at building a life in America, but upon his release he finds that his ex-fiancee has disappeared and left behind a 6 year-old son, TJ, whom he believes is his. Jonathan is forced into an incessant search for Karen’s whereabouts through the underworld of illegal immigration, chased by his past, and saddled with a child even more vulnerable than Jonathan himself.



Heitor Dhalia

Lead Cast:

Bernardo Barreto, Andrea Beltrão, Robbie Johns.


Bernardo Barreto, Russell Craig Richardson, Sebastião Salgado


Berny Films / Yale Productions